Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sweeping up with my new broom!

I recently moved into a home that has absolutely no carpet. I always figured it would be easier, having two kids, a cat, and dog, but I have never been more wrong. I almost miss my carpet, until now! Once we were all settled in, I had to find a broom and fast. My little zoo can drag in every speck of dirt quickly. I tried using my old broom, but it would take forever because of such a small area, not to mention the constant back and forth sweeping motion became tiresome.

 I ran to the store and picked up a push broom with a microfiber head thinking that would make life easier, and it did for a bit. Then one day epic fail when my daughter decided to bring out glitter. My floors looked like Tinker bell was trying to get the house to fly. My new great broom missed every spec of glitter.

Almost giving up, I scoured my faithful friend Amazon, and stumbled upon the answer to my sweeping issues. A commercial grade 24 inch dust mop sold by OSO Clean. I wasn't sure at first since I could not see it in person, but knowing Amazon's policies I decided to give it a try.

It arrived in a tall skinny box, with both pieces wrapped in plastic. Since this was designed for commercial use I figured putting this together would be a challenge. It took 3 seconds to attach the head with a clip already attached to the base of the handle.  I was off and sweeping quickly.

Let's talk about the handle. It's a 50 inch long Aluminum handle, rust proof too. This dust mop it so light, my kids have no excuse to not help sweep as a newly added chore.

The head of the dust mop is a bunch of 4-ply cotton fibers designed to trap dirt. Remember that glitter, it picked up every remaining spec I missed with the dust buster. When it's time to wash it, there is a zipper right on top to remove it quickly and toss it in the wash.

If you happen to be in the market for a new broom, I highly suggest this one. It has been an important addition to our cleaning supplies.

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