Sunday, July 9, 2017

Bayside for my Mini

I tested the Women's Bayside a while ago. Ever since my daughter had been asking for one as well. She is big enough for the smallest sized woman's, but it takes a little alterations to the pattern to make it fit right. I am glad I postponed because New Horizons came out with the adorable Girl's Bayside. Perfect timing!

I can assemble the woman's version in my sleep, and the girl's is basically the same but smaller. You still need the clear elastic for the back and where the bodice joins whatever bottom you are making, or if you are feeling adventurous, you can try a banded waist and make a top like I did here.

I used a Doodles knit from Joann's for my fabric this time around. My daughter insisted on the narwhal print, I didn't even know she knew what they were, our kids never cease to amaze us! Any way, I made her a 16 shorts romper with a 14 length in the bodice and shorts. No other changes were made.

If you do not have the benefit of already knowing how to assemble this design, I have made several already. Rest assured this is a really easy pattern to follow. The instructions are clear and show the steps as described. There is even a little extra information available on how to do the casing, which by the way I use on any pattern needing elastic.

Make sure to take advantage of the Girl's Bayside while it is on sale. The Mommie and Me Bundle is also on sale. This is a great warm weather pattern, which I just realized I am actually wearing as I write this up in our 100+ heat.

If you have questions or need some inspiration, make sure to stop in to the New Horizons Support Page on Facebook.

If you missed it, the links to my Woman's Bayside, and my Revised Bayside are here.

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