Wednesday, July 5, 2017

DesignerStitch Remix Featuring Ella and Gypsy

Lately I have been all about changing patterns that I already have for a new look. It's not that I do not love the pattern created by the designer, it is more of a personal challange to expand on my growing talent. I was part of the test group for the Ella Cami and The Gypsy, both designed by Ann Grose at DesignerStitch. It was during the Ella test, blog post here, that inspiration hit and I decided to try my first attempt at combining two great patterns.

I had no clue where to start on this since I had never done this before. I measured the bodice of the Ella and the skirt of the Gypsy, and found that in my size 4 unaltered it was almost an exact match. There was very little modification if any. I did decide to keep the pockets from Gypsy skirt.

The directions for both patterns are super easy to follow, as all the DesignerStitch patterns are. I started sewing the bodice of Ella up to the point of adding the ruffle. Instead I cut and attached the Gypsy, using the high low front for the entire length.

My fabric is just a woven blend from Joann's Fall Apparel Collection. It was something I fell in love with at the start of the fall season, I just wasn't inspired to see anything with it until now. I joined in on the Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month 2017 and felt this was a great opportunity to use this beautiful fabric.

The Ella, which was recently released, and the Gypsy which was released the fall of last year both are available for purchase at the DesignerStitch shop. Both are available in multi-sized patterns, and are printed in layers to save ink. There is also have a great Facebook Support Group if you are looking for a little inspiration or even have a few questions.

Next week's challange is based on a new to me designer. I am torn between two designers that I have followed but never sewn anything from as if yet. Hopefully I decide soon or I may just end up with two entries.

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  1. Great dress, Kristen! The fabric is a perfect match for it!

  2. Another stunning creation of yours from a fabulous pattern Designer!!! You look great.