Friday, July 7, 2017

My Bayside lost it's Romp!

Back in May, I was able to test The New Horizon Designs Bayside for Women Romper. I ended up with two great mini dress rompers, seen here in my review, that have been a summer staple. During the test, I tried on the bodice before adding my skirt and realized this would make an adorable top as well.

Of course I needed the test to end before I could start working on how to execute this image in my head. There were a few options on how. I could shorten the bodice some and make a wider band, leave the bodice length and band from
there, no band at all, open front, open back, or both. The combinations seemed endless.

I began on the bodice, folllowing the instructions as they were written. The clear elastic is still necessary to maintain structure in the crossover back. I decided to keep the bodice length and add a band. In the end, the top is just about tunic length and prefect for work or date night. If you are inspired to make your own Bayside Top after this, if not going for tunic length, you will want to shorten the bodice or risk it being too loose on the crossover.

To measure the band, I calculated 85% of the bodice, and rounded down to the nearest inch because this fabric is incredibly stretchy. I didn't want the band too thin, so I cut 14 inches and folded it over for a band width of 7 inches, minus the seam allowance of course. I did not see a need to add elastic where the bodice and band meet as you would with the romper in any version.

I love this variation of the Bayside, and with the release of the Girls Bayside as well, I plan on making one for my daughter too. She loves when we have matching Mommy and Me clothing. You can take advantage of the girls release with a sale on the bundle for both Women's and Girl's Bayside here. You can grab your Women's Bayside Romper only here.

While you are at the website, make sure to grab the latest free cut file too!

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