Thursday, June 1, 2017

Designer Stitch First Anniversary Blog Tour

I have been a DesignerStitch fan for almost a year. I started testing for the fabulous Ann Grose about 10 months ago with the Kerry Capelet and fell in love with her patterns. Most of my wardrobe is something she designed. When I had the opportunity to join this blog tour to celebrate her very successful first year, I jumped at the chance.

The patterns I have made are all able to be printed in layers. The pages do need to be trimmed, but my kitten helps with that. There is
also the possibility of the print shop files as well, but I have never used those. The instructions are so clearly written, I have not had one issue stitching up any pattern. Everything you need is listed in the materials section, even the seam allowance for each step is clearly labeled. The diagrams are very useful as well.

It is no surprise that I fell in love with the Eleni top, and wrote about it here when it released. I have been dying to make another since I wear
that one all the time, and this birthday celebration was the perfect opportunity to do so. I skimmed my inspiration photos and found a version of the Eleni I had been drooling over for
months. With my inspiration in hand, I challenged myself for the first time ever to find a way to make it happen using only the Eleni pattern.

My Inspiration 
 I printed the pattern in my size 4 and put everything together as normal, no other alterations or grading. I printed the Gathered Cuff sleeve insluded in the pattern.
Here is where my slight alteration to the pattern began. Both the long and short tier are lined up perfectly on top of
each other, making a large rectangle. For ease of cutting the fabric, I folded this rectangle in half with the intent to place it on the fold. From there, I used my ruler and marked the new cut line for the hem of this longer bell or flutter sleeve. I knew I would have to make some adjustments once I started sewing, but this gave me a great starting point.

During construction, I followed the directions as they were written, since the only thing changing was the sleeve hem. I had almost forgotten how
easy adding the elastic was. I am not a huge fan of casings, which is an option, but I found Ann's way so much easier. No need to feed the elastic.  You do want to be certain to use a soft elastic, or the top would end up quite uncomfortable. In measuring for my elastic, I just subtracted 4 inches because I like it a little snug so it doesn't fall. (I host Karaoke and need to make sure no wardrobe malfunctions while setting up or tearing down the equipment).

For the hem on the sleeves, I went back and forth on what to do. From here I could make it more circular, or attempt a point. I found a great tutorial online here for the mitered corner, and went for it. I just shifted the point slightly from the seam to make it easier.

I tested the top out on the town. Wore it for date night at a local event. All night, nonstop, I received compliments. I had never been more proud of something I made. In case you are wondering, the fabric was a Nicole Miller stretch chiffon floral  print I picked up from Joann' s.

Pick up your copy of Eleni Top Tunic Dress.
If you have not tried any of the great DesignerStitch patterns, now is your opportunity to try them for 50% off.

You can also join in the month long celebration in the DesignerStitch Support Facebook page.

Please be sure to stop in the other blogs on the tour. Everyone has some great inspiration to share with you!

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  1. I love the dramatic sleeves on this top. They drape so well! How fun to have this top for hosting karaoke too!

    1. Thank you. Since I made the elastic a little more snug it doesn't fall. The worst this top has done was come back over my shoulders when lifting speakers over my head though.

  2. This looks great. The sleeves are beautiful.

  3. look very great, nice fabric too

  4. It looks really great on you! Nice fabric choice as well! This tour was my first experience with the designer Stitch patterns, and I agree the pattern is really good! I understand your love for the designer! :-)