Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wrapped All Up In Happy

Ann at Designer Stitch has left me speechless this time around. The Indu Wrap Pants are my all time favorite, replacing yoga pants, leggings, and skinny jeans. The style with “wings” is also so very much fun and a great unique style to wear practically anywhere.

I made all three versions of these pants in a size 6. One pair with the wrap style, one is a slim leg, the last one is the slim leg with the wider calf, I am literally wearing this last version as I am typing this up. The Designer Stitch Pattern’s are always consistently well written and easy to follow. There is nothing new to talk about there so moving on to the pants.

 I wanted to create all three looks, I grabbed a basic stretch denim and ponte knit from Joann’s for both the slim leg versions. I wear both versions often. They are not leggings, but are my most comfortable pants that can be worn anytime. They are better than leggings.

My wrap version of these pants were made with a knit I picked up from KnitPop. I had been eyeballing it for a dress and when it arrived I had to order more just for these pants. I placed the buttons slightly off from the side seam on the waste band. I felt this gave me the most options on wearing the wrap or not. I can wear nearly endless variations, each and every one extremely comfortable.

The first night I wore them out, some of my friends were unsure.  Random strangers though kept coming up and asking me about my pants, genuinely intrigued and had lengthy conversations on how they could get the pattern or try to talk me into making them a pair. Eventually they grew on my friends when they could see how comfortable they were. Due to the cold weather, I had fleece lined leggings underneath, but you could not tell. I have a feeling come summer, these will be my go to pants.

One of the things I love the most about these pants are the waistband. The way it sits is incredibly flattering and the comfort cannot be measured. The soft elastic is barely noticeable and I have not one single issue with my pants falling in any of the three versions.

All three versions were a quick sew, actually they may have even been faster than the standard pants patterns I have tried in the past. I would definitely recommend these for a beginner. If you have made leggings, you can make any version of these. Get your copy below while it is on sale.

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Indu Wrap Pants Sewing Pattern (PDF)



(AU/UK)     6 – 26
(US)          2 – 22
(EU)          34 – 54


The Indu is an easy wearing jersey pant offering 2 styles. Wear the Indu with its funky side extension, fastening either or both wraps to create an intriguing front drape.
Or tuck the drape into the legs to give the Indu a soft fluid look or alternatively cut the Indu with its tapered side seam to allow for a relaxed and easy wear pant.
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