Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dress Up This Town Tour

I have never been a fan of dresses, until I started making my own. When I had the opportunity to join in on the Sewing by Ti Dress Up This Town Blog Tour, I had found the perfect opportunity to continue my summer theme of revisions to many of my existing patterns. Today I decided to combine the Patterns for Pirates Pencil Skirt (a freebie on their site), and Sweetheart.

I know in their Facebook group there had been a ton of chatter on combining the two for a rockabilly inspired dress. Originally, I was going to attempt it, but the Dress sat there for months because it just did not feel right. The fabric I was using screamed for something else, and I just wasn't listening.

When I joined this tour it was my intention to finish this dress. I tried it on, but still did not feel the rockabilly dress I was going to attempt. I wore it unfinished for hours just staring at it while on hoping to figure it out. Of course, just before bedtime it hit me. Why was I over thinking this? The simplest solution was the answer!

To get to the point where I was stuck for so long, I took the Pencil Skirt High Waist pattern and taped to it the bodice piece to the Sweetheart. I made sure to keep the waistline and hips where they should be. I was able to cut one piece for the front and back for a simple side seam only stitch up.

Once I figured out where I was going, I simply cut a black band using the 85% measurement at the top, and stitched it up like any other band finding the quarters, attaching,  and a top stitch. I can fold the band down or leave it as is for almost a rouched look.

After a simple hem, I was able to finally wear this dress that literally sat for months. Right away, I wore it to my job hosting karaoke. It stood up to constant movement, bending, and lifting. Not once did my strapless dress fall due to a wardrobe malfunction.

I love how this dress becomes work appropriate with the use of a cardigan, and a quick change into a night on the town.

If you have never tried any P4P patterns, you are missing out! They have over 57k followers on Facebook, a great website with tons of great information, and extremely easy to follow patterns. They were my first when I decided to try my hand at sewing my own clothing, and I always look forward to the great things they have available.

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  1. It works really well! ����

  2. Often the simplest idea is the best one. Love your make.