Friday, October 7, 2016

What is this blogging thing?

I am probably the least qualified person to start a blog, my spelling is horrible, grammar worse, and I often suffer writer's block. Here I go anyway, plunging into the pool of written language, hoping my attachment to my phone's auto correct feature doesn't cause me to drown. 

I do not intend on making this a career or blogging about my daily uneventful life, I doubt anyone wants to know my coffee maximum. I do often have a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, my go to reaction to uncomfortable situations like this. I have not exacting figured out what I am writing about yet other than sharing my crafting successes, recipe failures, potentially useful products, and maybe a gripe or two about life in general. 

Currently all my content has not been set up, please be patient mobile is somewhat limiting.  This means I need to take off the lazy cap and turn on my dinosaur of a laptop. Life in general may also interfere. 

Honestly,  I am looking forward to this new adventure and new creative challenge.  A healthy outlet to share some great ideas and completed creations may inspire, even with my poor use of the English language. 

Warm Regards,

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