Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ella Has Joined the Party

Hopefully by now you have seen the newest release by DesignerStitch, the Ella Cami, Shorties, and PJ Pants for Ann's month long anniversay celebration. If not you should check out the DesignerStitch Support Group in Facebook and find out how to get a copy for free.

The call to test came during a week of 110F degree weather, so perfect timing for me. I do not have a ton of summer clothing I can wear, especially work appropriate tops. I was able to toss on a lightweight cardigan and wear Ella to the office, and when it came time to leave I simply removed the cardigan. The Cami could not have been more perfect for the boiling hot weather.

Ella was so easy to stitch together. Using a lightweight woven fabric you simply stitch the bodice, add the straps, ruffle, and facing. This top is perfect for a quick summer sew, definitely an hour max. 

The pattern is printed in layers and a chart tells you what pages you will need for each piece. Ann has written very clear instructions and great illustrations for easy assembly as found in all her patterns.

I made a size 4, no alterations, using a silky print I acquired from Joann's about 10 years ago. Since there is flexibility in the strap length, mine are about 10 inches. The pattern is a multisized pattern ranging from 2-22 U.S. and you will need elastixc for the waist. Ella can easily be made as a set or separates. I have found it is easily made into a dress, but thats for another day.


The name Ella reminds me of someone light and bubbly. Whether you are wearing Ella out on the town or home to sleep in, you cannot help but feel a little lively maybe enough to dance around in. Get your copy of Ella while it is free and take advantage of the current sale too. 

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dress Up This Town Tour

I have never been a fan of dresses, until I started making my own. When I had the opportunity to join in on the Sewing by Ti Dress Up This Town Blog Tour, I had found the perfect opportunity to continue my summer theme of revisions to many of my existing patterns. Today I decided to combine the Patterns for Pirates Pencil Skirt (a freebie on their site), and Sweetheart.

I know in their Facebook group there had been a ton of chatter on combining the two for a rockabilly inspired dress. Originally, I was going to attempt it, but the Dress sat there for months because it just did not feel right. The fabric I was using screamed for something else, and I just wasn't listening.

When I joined this tour it was my intention to finish this dress. I tried it on, but still did not feel the rockabilly dress I was going to attempt. I wore it unfinished for hours just staring at it while on hoping to figure it out. Of course, just before bedtime it hit me. Why was I over thinking this? The simplest solution was the answer!

To get to the point where I was stuck for so long, I took the Pencil Skirt High Waist pattern and taped to it the bodice piece to the Sweetheart. I made sure to keep the waistline and hips where they should be. I was able to cut one piece for the front and back for a simple side seam only stitch up.

Once I figured out where I was going, I simply cut a black band using the 85% measurement at the top, and stitched it up like any other band finding the quarters, attaching,  and a top stitch. I can fold the band down or leave it as is for almost a rouched look.

After a simple hem, I was able to finally wear this dress that literally sat for months. Right away, I wore it to my job hosting karaoke. It stood up to constant movement, bending, and lifting. Not once did my strapless dress fall due to a wardrobe malfunction.

I love how this dress becomes work appropriate with the use of a cardigan, and a quick change into a night on the town.

If you have never tried any P4P patterns, you are missing out! They have over 57k followers on Facebook, a great website with tons of great information, and extremely easy to follow patterns. They were my first when I decided to try my hand at sewing my own clothing, and I always look forward to the great things they have available.

For checking out this week's tour, we have a special opportunity for you from some of our sponsors.

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Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase, I will get paid a small portion of that purchase

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